10K Mania in Slovakia

10K mania from Lenovo
Project Title: 10K Mania in Slovakia
Client: Lenovo
Realization: 2014

Lenovo, the biggest global PC vendor, decided to introduce also its smartphones to the Slovak market - and they chose to do so with nothing less than its flagship - model VIBE Z2 Pro. As it was the TOP brand, launch of a new product line and at the same time unveiling a new premium model, we also needed adequate solution for its communication.
Since several features and functionalities of this phone outperformed its competitors, we proposed the communication concept we called 10K. Thereby we followed up on the initial boom of 2K, 4K in camera and display resolutions, where several brands started to jostle in the resolution quality, presented as xK. So we decided to take advantage of this wave and attract attention and create a spontaneous buzz by being the first to speak about a 10K smartphone. By appropriating the K parameter we acquired a unique, easy-to-remember and funny feature for our target group. After revealing the teasing part, our 10Ks represented actual parameters of the premium model: 2K display resolution, 4K camera resolution, Quality (spelled Kvalita in Slovak) (performance of a cutting-edge processor), Beauty (Krása in Slovak) (unique design), Capacity (Kapacita in Slovak) (exceptional battery life), Friendship (Kamarátstvo in Slovak) (the only in dual SIM in its class). All that combined resulted in the first 10K smartphone. So we kept our promise of bringing 10K, in every respect. 

Project Phases
1.    Teasing:     
a.    journalistic line: journalists and IT bloggers were directed to the main microsite, until 02.10.2014 showing just an obscured smartphone 
b.    consumer line: a survey on Google docs with FB support on the desires and wishes of Slovaks in terms of mobile phones. The survey generated data suggesting that users want a phone which is really similar to our 10K smartphone. 
2.    Media event – 02.10.2014 – official revelation of the 10K smartphone VIBE Z2 Pro and simultaneously the launch of Lenovo smartphones to the Slovak market. Subsequently, on 03.10.2014 the microsite showed complex information on this flagship phone as well as on the 10K mania product - VIBE Z2 Pro. 
3.    Media and Sales campaign

Project Results 
•    The survey had 1161 respondents (491 women and 670 men)
•    Microsite – number of impressions: 1 533 437
•    Microsite video: 7 164 views
•    Number of media outputs: 53 articles (25 media outlets wrote about the campaign)
•    Business results: In the first week of smartphone sales, Lenovo sold out all stock of the VIBE Z2 Pro model (sales not supported by any other communication activities or advertising campaigns.)
•    Interesting fact: Three weeks after finishing our 10K campaign, the web portal published an article on a groundbreaking time lapse video recorded in 10K resolution for the first time.
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