What do ballerinas wear when they are without pointes?

Native project for CCC
Project title: What do ballerinas wear when they are without pointes?
Client: CCC
Realization: 2019

Project summary

The year 2019 represented an extensive product expansion for the CCC sales network. Well-known brands like Lasocki or Jenny Fairy were joined by Youngsters and a young and captivating DeeZee full of imaginative designs. How to communicate news about spring shoe collections differently than with traditional PR articles? We needed to connect the shoes with visually appealing content. We therefore chose ballerinas to present the new collections. Because ballerinas are interesting to the public due to aesthetics and movement – which gives the concept great visual potential.
To differ from the traditional product communication of footwear in Slovakia and to present news in the CCC retail chain portfolio like no one has done before we created the communication concept "What do SND ballerinas wear when they are without pointes?" We took a series of original photos of SND ballerinas dressed in new collections of CCC shoes.
We therefore presented the novelties with the help of a visually interesting contrast, which we created by combining modern footwear in the environment of classical ballet. 
We chose photographer Sandra Benčičová to work with, because she takes photos of ballet dancers in non-traditional places. We wanted to create visual contrast photos. We photographed the ballerinas in their classical dance outfits, while we exchanged their ballet pointe shoes for new products from CCC. We intensified this contrast, e.g. by selecting raw and abandoned areas with graffiti. We used the photos in a series of native articles, where we presented the life stories of three ballerinas dancing in the SND, and so we presented new collections of shoes in unique photographs.
We needed to present the spring collection of fashion shoes of several brands – Lasocki, Jenny Fairy / DeeZee and the collection of sports shoes Youngsters. In the articles, we combined attraction, beauty, fashion and everyday life and introduced new collections natively, non-violently, through unique photographs.
We included three ballerinas from SND, which matched the selected brand in terms of type and visuals.
In addition to her life story, Klaudia Görözdös presented a collection of sneakers of various brands for the Yongsters, in addition to her life story in an article named “She walks kilometers on tiptoe every day and her work uniform is tracksuits”.
In the article "She danced from ballet to Jakubisko's film" we looked into the life of Valéria Stašková, who presented a collection of quality leather shoes from Lasocki.
Isa Ichikawa, in her article entitled "She is from Japan, grew up in Vienna and has been dancing in Bratislava for eight years.", presented a fashion collection by Jenny Fairy and DeeZee.

Due to the limited budget, we chose only one affinity medium – Nevertheless, we managed to reach up to 20,399 RU with a unique processing of articles. "Articles from CCC are above average. Readability is at the level of a quality editorial, which we support from the headlines and provide more massive support from social networks. The median (benchmark) of reading articles on is about 3,000 RU, "says A. Mlynárová, marketing manager of We supported the articles with FB posts from with a reach of 26,681 and an engagement of 730 users.
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