SK EN, first interactive LinkedIn survey in Slovakia for ČSOB
Project Title:, first interactive LinkedIn survey
Client: ČSOB
Realization: 2014

The assignment of ČSOB Bank was to create an autumn product campaign focusing on supporting communication of loans, primarily mortgages. The primary target group were premium and VIP clients, secondary mass market oriented at young people under 35. 

We were inspired by the fact that people simply like to compare their income with others. Since our aim was to communicate mortgages, we came up with a similar online survey, but with the topic „how do the successful ones live“   at the microsite During 3 weeks, the website visitors were asked to answer questions about the segment they work in, whether they live in a house or a flat, with how many rooms, etc. Along with this data, the respondents provided also basic socio-demographic data. Cross-referencing this data provided unique and very interesting information about the housing standard of the successful people in Slovakia. 

And as several socio-demo surveys on social networks (e.g. Social Bakers) suggest that LinkedIn users are a very similar target group to the group sought after by our client, we decided to engage the Slovak LinkedIn users into this survey. The survey resulted in an interactive infographics, generating and updating the results in real-time, according to the responses of visitors, and comparing the housing situation of a visitor with the average in the segment they are working in. It shows the impact of a career (industry, position, region where we live and work) on the level of housing, desires and investment plans in this area. 

Project Phases
1.    Microsite  with 1st Slovak interactive LinkedIn survey
2.    PR articles about housing and consumer loans, as well as SME loans
3.    FB ads and viral seeding
4.    Postmedialisation of the most interesting survey findings 

Project Results
•    Unique visitors of website: 11 625
•    Number of people involved in the online survey: 3085 respondents
•    CTR values achieved in PR articles are unprecedented in the Slovak Internet environment.
•    Impact of Facebook ads: over 270 000 impressions on websites, CTR: over 2%, that is a high standard.
•    The survey continues even after completing the campaign and gives CSOB an opportunity for further communication use in the future.
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