HR campaign

Recruitment campaign for GEFCO Slovakia
Project title: Recruitment campaign
Client: GEFCO Slovakia
Realization: 2016

GEFCO is a global logistics company, however on Slovak market it meets with the same problem as everyone else – there is a lack of qualified workers. Our goal was to reach out to people in selected regions who are looking for a new job and offer them the vacant positions.
We decided to reach out to the target group in a non-traditional way – via creative recruitment videos tailor-made for the target group on channels that other competitors do not use. The comprehensive HR campaign for GEFCO Slovakia was launched by the video for warehouse operator (  
  1. FB ads + remarketing campaign
  2. Paid and editorial PR
  3. Banners on relevant regional websites
  4. Ads in relevant regional media
In first 10 days we have reached 26 380 people on Facebook and got 8 032 views with 1 618 clicks achieved. Accordingly the remarketing campaign with banners linked to real job offers reached 2 485 people with 121 clicks.
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