I want it all

I want it all for ČSOB
Project title: I want it all
Client: ČSOB
Realization: 2015

The goal was to prepare a campaign focused on communication a comprehensive product – SmartÚčet where the Client has full control over his finances at all times. With the product the bank client gets the access to ČSOB SmartBanking application with the possibility of getting a smartphone as well. The campaign should emphasize the benefits of the product and link to the ATL campaign based on headline „I want it all“.

The solution was to offer the target group „all“ in online by free access to locked content of Slovak media. In cooperation with Piano media, the operator of paid-media system, we offered the target group an attractive and useful service using which they can get information about the product. We prepared a microsite ( where the user chose from the range of offered online media where he could read the locked content. Time and number of visits were not limited, the user didn´t need to register either. We promoted the microsite by online banners, paid Facebook posts and intext advertisement. We also prepared a press release which was published in 9 media. The success of the campaign was confirmed by the Client when he chose to continue the campaign  in the next quarter with new media.

Project results
  • Number of displayed pages: 84 708
  • Number of visits: 24 147
  • Number of users: 15 089
  • Bounce rate: 4,34% !!!
  • Average time on site: 2:13 min
  • The visit rate was the most successful so far in comparison with 6 other microsite in years 2014/2015.
  • Unusually low bounce rate: the average is 50 %, 40 % is considered a success and 30 % a rate showing the quality of content and graphics. This microsite had the bounce rate of amazing 4,34% !!!
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