JOY OF COOKING - cooking school in Polus City Center
Project Title: JOY OF COOKING - cooking school in Polus
Client: Polus City Center
Realization: since 2014

Polus City Center was the first shopping centre in Bratislava and its periphery. With the increasing number of competing centres, they naturally looked for its new communication positioning and projects to address the public after the opening of Aupark, Eurovea or Central. When we were  preparing the new positioning and communication concept for our client three years ago, it was clear there´s no point in competing with the other shopping centres through fashion and celebrities.

We created a concept focusing on a common customer, with the aim to Bring Joy/Robiť radosť (official headline) to the shoppers, help also communities and environment. Therefore we came up with the idea, and subsequently project, Cooking School called the Joy of Cooking. Polus decided to build on the various cooking shows and at the same time respond to the current topics such as healthy diet, healthy cooking or selection of groceries, however, also considering different target groups (mothers, children, beginners, people with some food intolerance or medical conditions, gentlemen, gourmets, etc.). 
The cooking school project in a shopping centre is unique to the Central Europe and is also one of two such projects around Europe (another cooking school in a shopping centre can be found in UK). The uniqueness of the projects is in its focus on common people, the non-commercial nature of the project, education and not the least in the very usefulness and help to customers. 

Polus monthly offers over 20 events with various topics. They also regularly organize open-door days, bigger events for general public. The project has been successfully running since 2014.

Project Phases
1.    Official opening and full operation (January 2014 – present) – the courses have been taking place since January 2014, on a regular basis, always with the attendance of renowned lecturers 
2.    One-off seasonal events – continuously and independently of the scheduled courses (Easter, St. Nicholas, Children´s Day, Mothers Day, Health Day)
3.    Media development of the project – special course for media representatives, paid and unpaid media partnerships, special PR cooperation, special cooperation with TV – JOJ Dobré ráno 
4.    Facebook Fanpage with active daily administration 
5.    Sustained marketing support (billboard permanently placed at a busy traffic junction, leaflets, cooperation with journalists, food bloggers, nutritionists as well as selected stores in  Polus)

Project Results for 2014
•    Number of courses: over 240
•    Number of lecturers involved: over 24
•    Number of course participants: over 2000
•    Number of media outputs: over 300, 40 of them paid and about 260 spontaneous 
•    AVE – media value: approx. 250 000 EUR

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