Launch of new PRO RECobal

Launch of new PRO RECobal
Project title: Launch of new producer responsibility organization
Client: RECobal
Realization: 2015

According to new Waste Act the waste management will be carried out by producer responsibility organizations which included well-knows companies. Our Client RECobal was an unknown new company relying upon know-how from abroad. The company reached out to the Agency to launch the RECobal brand. The success was measured by number of signed contracts.
The Agency set a goal to educate the municipalities. New Waste Act is so complicated that smaller towns were not able to understand the problem without expert help. Since we have opened the information for all (including potential competitors), we have confirmed the transparency of RECobal.
  • Creating a design manual and CI
  • Creating an educative microsite and native content in Slovak and Hungarian language
  • Communication with Mayors – 4 phases of newsletters
  • Communication training for RECobal representatives
  • Attending a specialized conference
After four months the company managed to sign enough contracts with townships and get an authorization of Ministry of Environment and today is among successful PROs.
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