A different communication approach

Today´s world of communication is not only faster, it has also linked areas which were separate disciplines not so long ago. These days, the outdoor campaigns are connected with online projects or events and media currently prefer entertaining or informative content rather than PR articles...

Majority of traditional PR agencies lists a 20-item menu in this section where you can find product and corporate PR, internal or crisis communication, etc. - copied from books for the sake of completeness...  We are trying to look at the communication problem or goal from a different angle.

We may suggest to have a joint street performance or conduct a survey on LinkedIn or we might use an interactive citylight. We do not think within the boundaries of current perception of PR; we are interested in finding ways to use other communication tools to meet our goals. We are a communication agency focused on fullservice in PR segment and other communication services.

Problem/Goal Identification

In the beginning, there is always the assignment, i.e. what the client considers a problem or goal. In order to meet the expectations it´s vital to determine whether the problem or goal is really related to communication. Some problems are often not related to communication but with marketing or management – and that needs to be identified. If it is communication-related, we would consider the circumstances and decide whether it is necessary to use one of our analytical tools to describe the essence and extent of the assignment in greater detail.

But even if we determine that your problem is not in communication, we will advise you on how to proceed and which specialists can help you. Nevertheless, we can always offer advice.

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Experts for you

Success in communication and marketing is all about experiences and creative thinking - and a little bit of luck. We cannot guarantee luck, however, we can guarantee people with these skills.

Our team

Our tools for identifying goals

  • Consumer surveys /Perception surveys
  • Communication audit
  • Media audit / Media analysis
  • 3-step analysis of online communication/marketing
  • Analysis of internal communication/crisis communication

Our procedure for communication solutions

  • Correctly identify the communication problem or goal
  • Determine the right target groups
  • Understand the insights and consumer/media behaviour of target groups
  • Set up the communication strategy
  • Come up with an interesting creative solution
  • Implement it well
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