Martin Mazag, Managing Director As the Managing Director of PRime time agency, Martin develops communication strategies, coordinates international projects and supervises key clients.  

Martin studied journalism at Faculty of Philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava. From 1993 he worked in various print media, from 1994 he was Media Consultant for environmental organizations such as SZOPK, Greenpeace and Energia 2000. Then, for more than 15 years, he was a Member of Management and Chief Editor of Stratégie – the only professional journal about advertising, marketing and media in Slovakia. He is a member of many international juries at prestigious advertising festivals at home as well as abroad and a co-organiser of national creative contest Zlatý Klinec. Over a long period he has been devoted to the corporate CSR and enthusiastically follows the developments in communication, marketing and digital trends
Martin Mazag Managing Director "I love creativity, communication and people. Well, some of them.“
Elena Maslová, na materskej dovolenke Elena is the client supervisor for both Slovak and Czech market and is responsible for setting up cooperation with new clients, including international projects coming from the Weber Shandwick network. In addition to the specialized activities, she also participates in managing the internal processes of the agency.

After completing her studies of fine art at the School of Applied Arts of J. Vydra in Bratislava she got the Master´s degree in Marketing Communication  at University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She joined PRime time after working for Mediate  where she worked as Communication & PR Manager on ATL and BTL projects of the brand ZlatéStrá Before she worked as a Sales Manager in the company MediaBox and she was active in the field of B2B sales also in other business companies. Currently, she also promotes linking effective communication and creativity in presenting innovative PR solutions. She follows the new trends in communication, particularly applying social experiments and branded content. She enjoys fine arts, parties, dancing and has one special "deviation" - the real estate market. 

At the moment she is enjoying her free time on maternity leave.
Elena Maslová on maternity leave "A pragmatic perfectionist with a bohemian soul.“
Silvia Paprancová, Team Leader Silvia holds the position of Team Leader for Lifestyle. She is engaged in supervision and complex solutions for media relations, event management and other PR projects.

Silvia studied Marketing and Management at EUBA. She has 17 years of experience working in media, advertising and particularly PR. Most of these experiences she gained while working for various renowned agencies such as MONARCH, Ogilvy  PR ČR, but also in media - TV Markíza and Rádio Expres. As a dramaturg and producer she personally created several TV and radio broadcast projects for STV, TV Markíza, FUN Rádio, Okey...

In recent years she has been devoted mainly to media relations and event management. She was the author and executor of special projects, e.g. ABSOLUT ART SLOVAKIA, for Unilever client she created PR campaign DOVE for women, for HVB Bank an exclusive radio promotion "One-million banknote “ and many others. She organized turnkey events and press conferences for Rádio Expres, ČSOB, ABSOLUT, Veuve Clicquot, Porsche Slovakia, 7 Plus publishing house and Nestlé. She follows the developments in culture, she performed media and PR campaigns for the theatre Divadlo Nová scéna.
Silvia Paprancová Team Leader „I love my job and the fact that I can constantly create something and learn new things.“
Kristína Kohútová, Team Leader At PRime time, Kristina holds the position of Team Leader responsible primarily for B2B clients. She studied journalism at the Comenius University in Bratislava and Mass Media Communication at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Her first job was an editor´s post at SITA agency, which she held for 5 years and she had a soft spot for diplomacy, development assistance and philanthropy. She "crossed over to the other side" to work as press secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of SR. Even after leaving the state service she continued working in PR - for two years she was responsible for product, corporate and crisis communication at the agency Botticelli. Besides work, she enjoys relaxing while watching movies and TV series or reading books, which she occasionally also edits. She like to travel, not only around the world but also around the neighbourhood. During her professional she has figured out that what she enjoys the most is organizing all sorts of events.
Kristína Kohútová Team Leader "It has never been so bad, that it couldn't be worse...“ – it´s important to think positive! Or also the well-known motto of all PR folks – "where there's a will there's a way!“
Katarína Zemanová, Content Team Leader Katarina became part of the PRime time team in December 2016. She is leading and expanding the content department. At the same time, she takes care of one of our key clients, Philip Morris Slovakia.

She has gained essential experiences during her seven years at as a senior sales & product manager for the job site She managed key clients, communicated with media and significantly contributed to the growth of the site and to the start of its sister site

Katarina loves the atmosphere of cinemas without popcorn, film scores, sunsets, traveling into the unknown, and above all, her children.
Guilty pleasure: American B-movies and Excel tables
Katarína Zemanová Content Team Leader "The sun comes out every day, though we do not always see it."
Simona Paľovčíková, Senior Account Manager Simona works in our agency as a Senior Account Manager. She is one of the most responsible members of our team. With pleasure and enthusiasm, she looks after her clients, CCC and Naturamed, and recently Heureka, GEFCO, Sony and UNICEF.

During her study of journalism in Nitra she was writing news articles for many media. Later it was also writing lifestyle articles about beauty, health, cooking or traveling. Besides of the editor´s work she has also focused on language corrections.In the last year of study she started work in small advertising agency Linwe/KRAFT. As a copywriter she was writing about waste management and also articles about living.

She likes to use creativity in her free time – photography, paiting.
Simona Paľovčíková Senior Account Manager "Smile now, it will get worse tomorrow."
Ľubor Zámečník, Senior Account Manager As an Senior Account Manager, Ľubor currently focuses on clients from the banking, financial and armaments segments. Apart from that, for several years he was in charge of the organization and production coordination of all projects therefore he has detailed knowledge of the entire operation of the agency. 

Ľubor graduated from VŠMU (Academy of Performing Arts) in Bratislava, majoring in Film and TV production. After graduation he spent 8 years working on production of TV commercials and TV shows. At the end of his film era, he tried what it´s like to work in a big advertising agency as well as in a newly established media agency. He has many years´ experience in PR.

Apart from work, he gets involved in other activities as well. He founded the first petanque club in Slovakia and was the Secretary of the Slovak Federation of this leisurely sport. He also does not refuse a glass of good wine and he prefers to choose it at organized degustation events. Therefore the development of his communication skills is continuously taken care of.
Ľubor Zámečník Senior Account Manager "One who is willing, looks for ways; who is not willing, looks for reasons."
Zlatica Baltazarovičová, Junior Account Manager Zlatka works in our agency as a Junior Account Manager while studying at the Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava. Since her studies at high school she has been interested in organizing various activities and events. In this sphere she has also proved competent in her previous employment at the lawyer's office.  There she was responsible for planning and implementing teambuilding and other events.

She has started gaining her first PR experience in the agency lifestyle team looking after clients from health, fashion and cosmetics industry. Recently she has crossed into B2B area and at the same time manages social networks.

Zlatica is an energetic person and a social butterfly, she likes to spend her free time with her family and friends. She regularly trains her body and clears her mind on her own in the gym.
Zlatica Baltazarovičová Junior Account Manager „We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.“
Ivana Drábová, Copywriter&Content Specialist Ivana works in the agency as a copywriter. She creates content for B2B and lifestyle segment. She studied marketing communication at St. Cyril´s and Method´s University externally. During the studies she absolved intership and worked in various advertising agencies. Recently she worked for digital agency Elite Solutions as a copywriter creating online texts - texts for websites, newsletters, blogs and various forms of banner ads, occasionally even social networks. She likes equivoques, is particular about literary Slovak and correctly placed comma in a sentence.

She spends her free time with friends in the swing dance school B-Swing, which she co-founded. She is in charge of the content in B-Swing´s social network, the web and everything that needs to be texted. She also participates in organizing thematic events. She has been writing poems, song lyrics and blog articles since she remembers. She publishes them irregularly. You can often find her in a cafe with a good book or wine.
Ivana Drábová Copywriter&Content Specialist “Do not say something is impossible. You better say you don't know how to do it yet.” - Tomáš Baťa
Katarína Sopková, Graphic Designer Katka is finishing marketing communication studies at FMC UCM in Trnava this year. She enjoys the study very much.
However most of all, she has been impressed by work with visuals and she has been pleased with the position of our Junior Graphic Designer.

She has gained experience in a digital agency in Trnava and during mentoring in PS: digital agency. Occasionally, she makes graphics for different events as well as for her native village.
She loves quality and creative branding and enjoys learning new things and techniques in graphic design.

Most likely she prefers to spend time with her family and friends. In her free time she draws digital illustrations. She loves cinema and special cartoons, Slovak design, striped clothes, wild strawberries and flowers.
Katarína Sopková Graphic Designer "Good design never gets old."
Drahomíra Stratovová, Economist Manager As the Economist Manager of PRime time agency, Dadka is in charge of the economy, accounting, personnel and payroll agenda.

Dadka studied at the Technical University in Bratislava, with a major in technical-information services. She upgraded her education with a 2-year study in Economics - double-entry bookkeeping and Human Resources management. After completing this requalification, from 2001 she worked for company BaSys SK s.r.o. where she acquired skills and professional experiences in this field of business. She joined PRime time in 2010.

Her hobbies include hiking, good books and music.
Drahomíra Stratovová Economist Manager " Life is not measured by the number of breaths be take, but by the moments that take our breath away."
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