What others pay for does not apply to me

What others pay for does not apply to me / Čo iní platia, pre mňa neplatí (First online PR auction in the banking segment) for ČSOB
Project Title: What others pay for does not apply to me / Čo iní platia, pre mňa neplatí (First online PR auction in the banking segment)
Client: ČSOB
Realization: 2014

The assignment of ČSOB Bank was to propose an autumn product campaign promoting the communication of current account. The client´s assignment was to draw target group´s attention to the possibility to get bank account management services for 0 €, however,  to avoid making the offer look like a "clearance sale" and rather present it like a comprehensive service package. In order to get this benefit, the client must meet given terms and conditions, which were needed to be educated about. The added value of the campaign was supposed to be collecting marketing information and contact data of potential customers, as well as data relevant from the media perspective. 

We created a branded online game offering a chance to win material prizes, built on the principle of Dutch auction (auctions with a price dropping towards zero), while this principle corresponded with the ATL campaign idea - the opportunity to have a bank account with ČSOB free of charge. The auction was held for 5 days on the microsite. We used five main prizes (1 daily) to encourage users to participate in this competition. Each correct answer to one of the 256 questions decreased the price of the winnings. The one who was first to reach  0 € was the winner. The questions covered socio-demographic, product (educational, knowledge) and consumer areas. The answers to consumer questions were used as basis for the Slovak consumers´ behaviour survey in the next phase of communication, where we used them in the form of press release, PR articles and infographics. 
In highly competitive environment of the banking segment, we managed to be the first to design a unique online auction built on educating the audience and getting to know a product in a casual manner. 

Project Phases 
1.    Teasing Facebook campaign 3 days prior to the launch of online auction 
2.    Microsite with the 1st Slovak online auction in banking segment, using the domain
3.    FB advertising and Facebook posts throughout the competition
4.    PR articles
5.    Postmedialisation 

Project Results 
•    Unique visitors of site: 11 360 
•    Number of registered players participating in the Online auction: 1 332
•    Average time spent on the site:  0:03:20
•    Facebook advertising hit rate: 1 090 000 people, traffic: 83.4% visits via FB advertising 
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