Map of business opportunities

Project name Map of business opportunities

Client ČSOB

Implementation period 2017

Map of business opportunities

Project summary

The project focuses on displaying the offer of vacant business premises on a new microsite with an offer of business loans from ČSOB. Thanks to our campaign solution, ČSOB brought a new and useful tool to facilitate the search for business premises and at the same time confirmed its position as a technological and communication innovator. The microsite includes a square with a click on the client’s product page with a loan calculator. The real estate offer includes all Slovak regional cities and is updated every 24 hours in cooperation with the real estate portal


ČSOB has signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF), thanks to which it can provide EUR 100 million covered by the EIF guarantee. The aim was to communicate more favorable conditions for obtaining loans, their availability, as well as ČSOB’s cooperation with the EIF. Although this is EU support, the complexity of credit facilities is not increasing.

ČSOB and the advertising agency prepared an ATL campaign for Business Loans with a guarantee from the European Investment Fund. Our task was to support communication with a product-image PR campaign, which will emphasize ČSOB’s positioning as an innovative and active bank in the business segment.


MUW came up with a guerrilla idea to mark vacant retail space right on the street. Although the Client did not choose this solution, we thought of transferring it to the online environment.

We have created a campaign microsite www.podnikatelske–, which, in addition to information about the product, also offers entrepreneurs an online map with a real-time updated offer of real estate suitable for business. The entrepreneur can choose 4 basic search filters: city, size of the area he is interested in, type of real estate (garage, hotel, boarding house …) and type of offer (sale, rent, auction).


The implementation of the project began with the creation of the microsite Dominant is the map of Slovakia with the highlighting of big cities, where we display the offered business premises. The map uses data from the portal. The site also contains basic information about the offer of business loans from ČSOB together with a calculator for recalculating repayments.

We used all ČSOB communication channels, support via FB sponsored links and a banner campaign on to communicate with the tool.

It is a unique connection of the offer of business premises with immediate information about the product, which results in a great utility value for the target group. The microsite makes it possible to quickly find a suitable space for business expansion and offers the possibility of recalculating financing almost immediately. Premises are marked with a pin on the map, after clicking on it, the details of the advertisement will be displayed, in streetview mode, the pins are displayed on the street in front of the property.

The technical uniqueness lies in the combination of a Google Map and a static website, enabling search in the environment to which users are accustomed. The project can be further expanded, which provides an effective investment.


The map of business opportunities is not a performance-oriented project, but it is a supporting PR activity with the aim of increasing product knowledge in the business segment and at the same time strengthening ČSOB’s positioning as an innovator. In 10 months we have recorded 6855 users and 9359 page views.

The results of the traffic showed that the interest in this tool is long-term and, depending on the time spent on the site, it also really serves to provide an overview of the current real estate offer. The advantage is that it is a long-term tool and a very effective investment.

After the success of the 1st phase, the client decided to extend the project for another 6 months.

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