Maggic trip to Asia

Maggic trip to Asia for Nestlé
Project title: Maggic trip to Asia
Client: Nestlé
Realization: 2016

Sajfa tried to ride the 1 540 km to Asia on his stationary bike during a single weekend. The whole trip was streamed live. Our goal was to reach the target group via relevant media.
We used a combination of paid and editorial media outputs which were also linked to Facebook. To reach a wide audience we used the most read websites such as and as well as daily Nový čas where the campaign appeared on the first page.
To reach the target group of 18 – 25 yo we used a number of media for millenials such as,, or media from startitup group. We used their Facebook pages as well and Sajfa was posting on refresher´s Snapchat for full 24 hours.
The campaign got a wide reach, in total in a week we managed to get 20 media outputs, 15 posts on their Facebook pages and the Story on Snapchat was viewed by 4k people. The total reach via traditional media was over 2mil and the engagement 3 300.


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