Donate a good feeling

Project name Donate a good feeling

Client UNICEF Slovensko

Implementation period 2020 - 2021

Donate a good feeling
Maria Ake, 4 years old, developed a strong fever, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. She was diagnosed with Malaria. She has been at the stabilization center for one week, received therapeutic milk (F-75) in the beginning and now RUTF. Al-Sabah hospital, stabilization center for severe acute malnourished children in Juba, the capital of South Sudan.


Talking about helping people, moreover outside Slovakia, during a pandemic and in competition with dozens of other collections? That´s exactly what UNICEF decided to do at the end of 2020. With good timing, ideas and tireless work, we ultimately managed not only to reach the target amount, but even to exceed it by almost a twofold!

Challenge and goal

The pandemic has hit the most vulnerable the most – it is estimated that the number of children suffering from malnutrition will increase by tens of millions. UNICEF Slovakia therefore decided to help – it announced a public collection called Donate a good feeling. The collection lasted throughout the pre-Christmas period, i.e. at a time when dozens of other collections were taking place. However, we decided to overtake them and start in mid-November, which turned out to be the right move.

Strategy and plan

Our first step was to simplify the format of the collection, making it possible to contribute in several ways. However, we chose the donation SMS to be the primary one. The “real African dinner” became the creative solution – an empty plate that simply describes what food awaits millions of children around the world. Peanut paste, a nutritional first aid for these children, played a crucial role in this campaign that later decided its success and memorability, and became the hero of the campaign.


Influencers’ campaign

We approached resounding names among Slovak influencers with a request for help. More than 20 of them decided to help us – each in their own way. Some talked about an empty plate, others about basic facts, others tasted peanut paste, and Gogo and Strap even ate it all day.


We also laid the table to serve real African dinner in the SND (Slovak National Theatre). The theatre selflessly decided to help us and gave us space directly in the foyer. Although the number of visitors had to be limited, the campaign was received very positively.

PR + digital campaign

The campaign was also supported via UNICEF´s social networks and in the media. We managed to achieve more than 80 media appearances and, in addition, UNICEF was once at Fun Radio and appeared 5 times as a partner of the SME Dobré ráno podcast. The icing on the cake was the Big Storiezz podcast with Babsy Jagušák, who welcomed UNICEF Director Mária Sliacka.


More than 20 influencers participated in the campaign, reaching hundreds of thousands of people with their posts. We reached thousands of other people through UNICEF’s social networks, media outlets and podcasts. In total, we managed to collect 19,729 EUR, thus meeting the target at more than 197 %.

But most importantly, we helped children suffering from malnutrition!

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