Epson – technologies that brought historical story to life

Project name Epson – technologies that brought historical story to life

Client Epson

Implementation period since 2016

Epson – technologies that brought historical story to life

Project summary

In 2016, the well-known creative mind Igor Brossmann came up with the idea of ​​creating an Epicenter of Love. Just like Verona has a story about Romeo and Juliet, in Banská Štiavnica there was an experiential exhibition of the 150-year-old Slovak love story of Andrej Sládkovič and Marina brought to life within two years. The Agency proposed to Epson to become a technology partner of a unique project, thanks to which it gained continuous brand visibility for thousands of visitors to this Bank of Love from around the world. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate the latest technologies not only for professional media but also for the general public.


The challenge was to persuade the Client to invest in the then unknown project, which in unique in our region. To provide the best and most advanced technologies and experts to complete visual presentations and tailor-made effects together with the authors of the project. Last but not least, the challenge was to convince Epson that this significant investment will have a significant effect on strengthening the brand, perceiving its technological sophistication and the innovation of its communication. The aim was to get involved in the Bank of Love project so that Epson technologies would be one of the generators of interest in the exhibition.


The aim was to create an exhibition that is unique not only in Slovakia but also in the world. Modern technologies from Epson’s workshop were key to the individual phases of the project and the resulting attractions, which attract visitors to the Bank of Love. Epson has thus become a real partner for the Client – not only technological, but also part of the creative process of creating new visual presentations. Thanks to Epson’s wide product portfolio, enthusiasts from the House of the Marina were able to transform the original idea, which seemed unattainable, into a real exhibition.


1. Scanning the original manuscript
The manuscript is a national treasure, which must be scanned with special technologies that will not damage it. Thanks to Epson, anyone can view a copy of the original verses, in high resolution.
2. Projecting the messages of love directly on the facade
Couples had previously carved declarations of love on the old façade, which was not possible after the restoration. The state-of-the-art projector from Epson was able to map links directly to the building’s façade – in a modern native way.
3. Equipping the museum with projectors
In December 2017, the Bank of Love was opened. One of her main attractions is the Harry Potter-like live images that tell the story of great love. Thanks to Epson projectors, the illusion of four portraits of the heroes of the story is created directly on the canvas in old wooden frames, so that visitors have the perfect illusion of “living images”. In Sládkovič’s library, visitors can launch a large-format projection of the most famous articles from the poem directly on the walls of the room with pure “love”.
4. Media event
In September 2018, we prepared a successful event for the technological media with the participation of 16 journalists who were enthusiastic about the effects of this exhibition.


Epson has become part of one of the most innovative projects of its kind in the world. Today, everyone can see a copy of the poem’s manuscript – although the original is safely kept in the archive. Thousands of people projected their declarations of love on the walls of the Marina House. Since its opening, the Bank of Love has been visited by thousands of Slovaks and foreigners, and on weekends by more than 100 people a day. All major Slovak media, as well as media from 52 other countries, informed about the Bank of Love. In IT media, PRime time uses the project to build the Epson brand which, thanks to its uniqueness, is still developable in PR.

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