Heroes from ČSOB

Project name Heroes from ČSOB

Client ČSOB

Implementation period 2019

Heroes from ČSOB

Project summary

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that the usual task of corporations: to interestingly communicate the employee grant program, we managed to do in a really new, unique communication solution. In cooperation with renowned advertising photographer Martin Fridner we created a campaign based on a series of art photographs from the environment of supported projects. We supplemented them with native articles with a new perspective on the topic and explained the social significance of supported projects. The success of the campaign is also evidenced by the fact that the Client plans to continue this concept in 2020.


The Employee Grant Program (ZGP) is announced by ČSOB in order to help the place and community in which its employees live and work. Non-profit organizations whose project is recommended by ČSOB employees can participate. The aim of the campaign was to present ČSOB as a socially responsible company, through the ČSOB Foundation. The aim was to connect two worlds: the world of people working in the ČSOB Group with the world of communities in which these people work in their free time. At the time of the assignment, ZGP did not yet have its own motto, headline or creative to follow.

Strategy and plan

For the idea of ​​the campaign, we chose insight, which is new and interesting in this category of communication – that many of the “bankers” are also behind their leisure activity in the community and its contribution to society. We were also looking for a creative and attractive solution that fulfils the idea of ​​art photography from a renowned photographer. We also felt that this solution has much wider than just media potential. That the photo production itself will be an experience for employees and their colleagues from the community, that the resulting photos will be usable more widely – for example in internal communication, on the intranet, at branches, etc.


In cooperation with the Client, we selected three media-attractive projects:

  • hippotherapy for hearing impaired children
  • fire sport of a voluntary fire brigade
  • tutoring and self-defence course for Roma children

We obtained approvals for the photos and implemented them. We contacted various experts in order to obtain professional information on relevant areas (psychologists, pony breeders, firefighters, self-defence coach, expert on Roma issues).

We tried to choose projects and topics that will be new in terms of media and content. For example, did you know that self-defence courses can help children control themselves and suppress aggression?

The photoshoots took place in authentic premises with the staff of 10 people and lasted all day. They were attended by people involved in the projects and ČSOB employees. We created native articles that contained information about the project, expert information on the topic, an interview with a bank employee and information about the ČSOB Foundation and ZGP.

We carried out the media coverage during the announcement of the new year of ZGP (October 2019) in 4 affinity media. The distribution and readability of the articles were supported by the Strossle system and the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.


We carried out the media coverage in selected affinity media (,, and, where we reached B2C and partly also B2B audience. With a limited media budget, we’ve achieved great results with creativity and visual content. With a minimum budget (€ 3,100), we received 11,980 clicks on articles on Facebook and Instagram, and we reached more than 704K unique users. The ad was viewed 2,574,295 times. The articles reached a total readership of 22,541, which, according to the media agency Universal McCann, is above the average of benchmarks for PR articles.

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