How we changed the concept of presenting new collections in 24 hours

Project name How we changed the concept of presenting new collections in 24 hours

Client CCC Slovakia, s.r.o.

Implementation period 2020


Spectacular and full of stars. That is exactly what the presentation of the latest collection of shoes, handbags and accessories of the CCC brand was supposed to be. Emma Drobná, Soňa Skoncová and Aless Capareli – three popular faces and Instagram stars, and three product lines – QUALITY, FASHION and SPORTY. Due to the anti-pandemic measures, however, we were had 24 hours to change the original concept of a large dance-fashion show at the Clarissine Church, for which influencers, bloggers, journalists had already been confirmed. We organized a virtual event at Fero Mikloško’s fashion studio and the new collection was presented thanks to Instagram.

Challenge and goal

Changing the concept of presenting the latest products from the CCC brand portfolio to different form, so that we do not deprive the originally invited guests of a unique presentation of the spring / summer 2020 collection. Together with the new ambassadors of the CCC brand, we moved the atmospheric dance-fashion show from the Clarissine Church to the studio of iconic fashion designer Fero Mikloško and with the help of the virtual world of Instagram and Youtube, all invited guests were able to enjoy it together with us.

Strategy and plan

The March event for introducing the latest models was planned to a T. One day before it was to take place, we agreed with the client that, based on the development of the beginning pandemic situation, but mainly because of the social responsibility, this event had to be cancelled. We wanted to present the collection, but safely. We therefore came up with one of the first concepts of a virtual fashion event. We moved to the studio of Fero Mikloško, who was originally supposed to “only” dress the ambassadors for the fashion show. In addition to presenting the latest CCC models and brands, the purpose of this virtual event was also to introduce the new e-shop.


The introduction of the latest models was based on new faces – Emma Drobná, Soňa Skoncová and Aless Caparelli, whose individual styles represent each product line – and thus also the target groups which the CCC brand is focusing on. Moreover, these ambassadors have a huge impact and influence on social networks.

Over the course of 3 hours, we prepared an attractive material for social networks and fashion photos, which we used for presenting the brand throughout the spring / summer 2020 season, as it was not possible to do any other activities.

We created InstaStories which only the invited influencers, bloggers and journalists had access to on the day of the show. The guests thereby got the exclusivity of the event and the opportunity to be the first to see the launch of the new collection. Their Instagram profiles were added to the circle of close friends within the Slovak profile of the CCC brand. This way, we only shared very natural and interactive content under the baton of Ambassador Soňa Skoncová with them, and we did not make this content available to the public until the next day.

We asked influencers and bloggers to use the hashtag #ustojimtosccc in communicating the news, which perfectly reflected the situation we had experienced in the previous few hours.


We managed to promote the new models from the latest collection of the CCC brand, even though the show was different than we had planned. Instagram and Youtube became the principal communication channels and without any financial support we reached over 190,217 people. With the help of our activities, information about new products and the possibility of e-shopping reached the target group immediately. The new e-shop started so fast that, according to the client, it achieves a better turnover than Czech Republic.

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