Project name #EmergencyLessons


Implementation period 2016



Slovakia is one of ten European countries which joined the campaign for education in crisis called #EmergencyLessons. Slovak kids take school for granted but in countries such as Ukraine schools save lives. In local creative we had to create a way to reach our target group of 13 – 25 yo. Moreover, there is not much news in media from Ukraine anymore.


One of top media for millennials is so a logical step was to join forces with them. We have reached out to Jaro Bekr as the Ambassador who have potential to speak to youths as well as older audience as a father of two.

  1. Global campaign

Once a month there is a new video from crisis countries published, the video is the same for all supporting countries. There is also a video from Jaro every month talking about the same topic as the kids. We also issue press releases, PR article on and prepare paid FB ads.

  1. Local campaign

The local campaign was launched by a trip to eastern Ukraine during which Jaro Bekr, and UNICEF Slovakia were posting on social media. TV Markíza also attended the trip.
A short document with Jaro´s commentary was filmed during the trip ( This document was posted on Facebook with FB ads set up to the beginning of December. The document will also be used at schools.
For the local campaign we also organized an informal press meet where the video premiered. as well as TV Markíza reported on the trip. We also asked VIPs to share the video.

  1. Other activities

The campaign is a part of other activities organized as schools with students.


The goal of the campaign is to reach 900k million people on social media until the end of the year. In the middle of October the reach was over 830k.
The results of the document in first 10 days:

  • Reach: 157 050 (1/3 organic)
  • 47k unique views
  • 62 612 views in total
  • Engagement: 712

In total we managed to get 40 media outputs. For every activity an article was published on, these outputs reach several thousand reads and a high reach on Facebook.

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