Get rid of your tire for free!

Project name Journeys of a tire for Eltma

Client ELT Management

Implementation period 2018

Get rid of your tire for free!

Project summary

Eltma, a company active in the field of used tire collection, approached the agency with a demanding assignment. How to inform the Slovak motorists as well as tire repair shops or cities and municipalities about the rules of collecting tires according to the new legislation? Thanks to our campaign, for example, 53.6% of Slovaks have learned that they can leave used tires in a tire service completely free of charge.


The primary goal of the campaign was to raise consumer awareness of tire take-back, to provide attractive information on collection conditions and to draw attention to their rights under the new Waste Act –that the return of used tires is free. The information campaign was also intended to highlight the impact of tire recycling on the environment, to raise awareness of the Eltma brand in order to increase the number of collection points. The task was to address a wide target group: from the general public, motorists to law enforcement entities: tire distributors, tire repair shops and municipalities.


The issue of tire recycling and the Waste Act is complex. Since our task was to address a wide target group throughout the year, it was necessary to devise not only an educational but also a fun way of communication. We chose to use the ambiguity of the word tire – a tire as a wheel and “tire” as extra pounds on the abdomen. We approached two well-known ambassadors who humorously present this topic on social networks. At the same time, we have chosen a native concept, the content of which educates motorists, draws attention to the need for recycling and the overall relationship to ecology.


We started the year-round campaign in the spring of 2018 in the tire change season.

The media
Since March, an educational native campaign has been running, in online and print media (a mix of news, professional and lifestyle media), on TV and radio, as well as on social networks. The aim is to raise awareness of the issue among the public. The campaign also includes communication towards tire services and municipalities, for which we have prepared educational infographics.

Ambassadors on social networks
Through actor Števo Martinovič and comedian Evelyn, we communicate the main message of the campaign on social networks: “Get rid of your tire for free!”
During the autumn season, we move the issue further and, through funny videos with Števo Martinovič, we show the path of the tire from its delivery in a tire service to its recycling and further processing.
Tire Journey 1: The Story of Unrequited Love (
Tire Journey 2: Spooky Farewell (
Tire Journey 3: EKO Red Riding Hood (


The fact that the goals are successfully met is declared by the results of our survey from September 2018 (N = 1057 respondents): up to 53.6% of Slovaks know the key message of the campaign, although it can be assumed that at the beginning (2/2018) Waste Act was among the public almost unknown.

The overall media results are also impressive:

  • We have achieved 225 outputs in the media, in the main media types (print, online, TV and radio)
  • More than 60% of outputs were unpaid
  • We reached 567,063 users via the client’s social networks
  • The total reach on the Client’s social networks is over 6 mil. views.

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