Infotainment videos for ELTMA

Project name Videos with Števo Martinovič

Client ELT Management

Implementation period 2019

Infotainment videos for ELTMA

Project summary

The non-profit ELTMA has come up with the difficult topic of producer responsibility, tire recycling and consumer rights. The Agency created an educational campaign in the media, soc. networks and through the ambassador. The result of this campaign is an increase in knowledge of the issue and a key message, which from the initial 9% in 2018 reached the level of 60% of spontaneous knowledge last year. Thanks to us, we have taught Slovaks that they can leave used tires in a tire service completely free of charge and that we save the environment by behaving responsibly.


The primary goal of the campaign was to raise consumer awareness of tire take-back, to provide attractive information on collection conditions and to draw attention to their rights under the Waste Act – that the return of used tires is free of charge. The information campaign was also intended to highlight the impact of tire recycling on the environment, to raise awareness of the Eltma brand in order to increase the number of collection points. The task was to reach a wide target group: from the general public, motorists to law-abiding entities: tire distributors, tire repairers and mayors.


The issue of tire recycling and the Waste Act is complex. To address the general public, we came up with not only an educational but also a fun way. The series of videos Questions and Answers ELTMA is prepared in cooperation with Ambassador Števo Martinovič. In a funny form, it promotes ELTMA and its principles of operation. This is a series of videos – parodies of various TV programs. It educates motorists, draws attention to the need for recycling and the relationship to ecology. The campaign also includes a separate microsite in the form of a cartoon and animated characters from the Eltmák family.


The media

Youtube, FB, IG, LinkedIn, microsite as well as supporting and informative online and print media, as well as the Client’s social networks. The aim is to raise awareness of the issue among the general public and especially young modern people.

Funny ambassador

We communicate the message of the campaign on social networks through the actor Števo Martinovič: “Get rid of your tire for free!” Thanks to a series of funny videos where the ambassador parodies TV programs and shows, for example: Aj múdry schybí, Milionár, Kredenc, Veštiareň, Telenovela, Dedinský rozhas etc. shows the operation and principles of the non-profit ELTMA, shows the path of the tire from its handover in the tire service to its recycling and further processing to the protection of the environment itself.


The classic Eltma website is professionally focused, towards motorists and organizations. That is why we have activated a more entertaining form of the web for the general public, where the form of the tire is shown in the right and wrong way in the form of the Eltmák family and cartoons. This simple and engaging approach brings the complicated topic of the general public and new generations to children and young people.


According to the DICIO Marketing survey, there was an increase in awareness of the issue from the initial 9% (2018) to 60% (2019). In the entertainment part of the campaign, on the social networks of influencers, the most successful video received 124,985 views. In particular, it was possible to gain widespread awareness and clearly explain such a complicated topic as producer responsibility and recycling. Through this campaign, Eltma also teaches new generations of young people and children to think and behave responsibly. Last but not least, the campaign helps to explain the platform clearly: the organization of producer responsibility.

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