Series of workshops for bloggers

Project name Series of workshops for bloggers

Client CCC

Implementation period since 2018

Series of workshops for bloggers

Project summary

CCC belongs to the fastest growing network of shoe stores (currently more than 50 stores in the Slovak Republic). Like many other brands, CCC has a long-term cooperation with TOP Slovak bloggers through our agency. As the only one in the category, perhaps on the whole Slovak market, we came up with an innovative concept – we promote CCC brands through the education of bloggers. We have created a series of educational workshops, where in cooperation with renowned speakers from various areas of digital marketing, fashion or advertising, we educate bloggers, always using the current collection of shoes.


Today, majority of fashion brands use cooperation with bloggers and influencers. How to devise collaboration with bloggers for CCC and not replicate the schemes used a hundred times before? Due to the setting of CCC’s strategy – proactive communication and intensive cooperation with bloggers – we proposed a new communication format for the Client, which reflects all the required attributes. To be present on social networks through bloggers and influencers and to be innovative and at the same time to motivate bloggers towards cooperation with this brand.


We decided to create a series of workshops for invited bloggers, where renowned specialists advise them on how best to create posts, how to promote them and how to photograph or prepare visual content. At the same time we wanted to create space and enough time for bloggers to engage with these experts to provide and discuss their issues and questions in more depth.

The content of the workshop is always a showcase of the current collection of shoes and accessories. Thanks to the concept, we switched the product to a more native role, since the speaker explains how to prepare a well-developed concept of collage on current CCC products etc.


In 2018, we organized two such events. Due to the fact that primarily bloggers were invited, when choosing the space, we emphasized the photogenic aspect of the venue, good lighting conditions and, of course, catering.

The first blogger event took place at W-Café on March 20, 2018. Four speakers from the areas of neuromarketing, social network management or influencer marketing were invited to the event – e.g. Aki Votrubová, Influencer Marketing Trainer. Through their presentations, they presented news and know-how from their respective fields and answered any questions from the audience. In the second workshop part of the event, guests were given the opportunity to test the theory in practice – creating a flat lay composition using CCC shoes and handbags.

For the second blogger event, which took place on October 2, 2018, we chose an attractive space with a view of Bratislava Castle – Skybar. This time we invited experts and speakers from the field of social networks, media or fashion– e.g. Alena Šafratová, founder of the Czech School of Style. Again, it was a concept of short, but informative lectures and a subsequent workshop with a link to the current CCC collection.


Feedback from bloggers confirmed a very positive perception of this concept, which we plan to develop together with the Client in the future.

Numbers for the spring inspirational event for bloggers: 15 invited (12 bloggers and 3 journalists), 85 posts on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Numbers for the autumn inspirational event for bloggers: 18 invited (16 bloggers and 2 journalists), 74 posts (the event was in October, the posts are still catching up) on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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